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Patches and Kevin are still operating out of the Florida Panhandle in Tallahassee, Florida.  Althea is operating out of Chandler Arizona (near Phoenix)

In 2006, Intel (where Althea works), decided to cut 10% of its work force.   Althea survived the first round of cuts, but everyone was told to look forward to round-two during 2007. 

Early in 2007, Althea took the opportunity to have her all of her wisdom teeth extracted.  Obviously, employees with LESS wisdom is exactly what Intel is looking for in employees, because in June 2007, Althea survived round two of “Intel Survivor” and was not asked to leave the island.  While she was having her teeth extracted, Kevin took time off from work to spend time with her while she recuperated.  It was not (as some have suggested) that he spent the time with her hoping her jaw would be too sore for her to talk! 

Since recuperating and regaining the power of speech, she took on an assignment at Intel as a System Engineer.  Since she is, by training, a programmer, this meant she now enjoyed the opportunity to ask operating system type questions of her husband.

Most of the work Kevin has been doing for the last two years has been Email Archiving software.  Due to the need to be able to perform legal discovery on email messages or for regulatory compliance, more companies are installing specialized software.

The company I worked for (MTI) was a ‘partner’ of two companies that have competing software that does the same thing.

EMC makes EmailXtender, and Symantec makes Enterprise Vault.  Both will store, index and search email that is sent or received by a company.  Fortunately, I just install and configure the software – someone else convinces the client which software package to purchase.

The unfortunate side of my ‘portion’ of the implementation is that many times the ‘sales’ engineers do not tell the customer ‘the rest of the story’.

When I show up (or better – from my standpoint, speak with the customer BEFORE showing up) I am the one that gets to tell the customer what hardware and other software they will need in order to implement the ‘solution’ they have purchased.  Many times this is thousands of dollars MORE than the client anticipated.

Imagine if you had just purchased a boat from the dealer.  When you show up to take delivery, the mechanic tells you that you will have to purchase a trailer and tow the trailer and boat with a car. You exclaim – the salesman never told me I would have to buy a trailer or have a car!  So now you have a boat you cannot use unless you get a trailer (to get the boat to the water) and a car to tow the trailer and boat.

In August, Nordica Tasha (NT) passed away.  She was very ill.  Her liver was failing and she had lower back problems that made it difficult for her to stand and walk.  She was a good companion and I hope she felt she had a good life with Althea and myself.

In October, things got rather tumultuous.  Kevin was at a client site in Washington DC.  He was notified there would be a company-wide conference call on Thursday evening.  Thursday evening, he learned that when he arrived home late Friday evening, there would be a Fedex package waiting.  MTI (the company Kevin worked for) had declared bankruptcy.  All employees were terminated immediately.  Obviously, this did not distract Kevin from my work at the client site on Friday… (SUUURREEE!)  Actually, on Friday, he received three employment offers and got a call from Symantec asking him to work for Symantec directly.  Kevin had a job in hand before he even received the official termination letter.

I now work for a company called Pacific Software Association (PSA). ‘They’ are located in Oregon.  I am still operating out of Tallahassee.  The company is trying to open up work in both Tallahassee and Phoenix.  So I am doing the same thing I was doing for MTI, but with a little less travel and 20% more money.  As a parting shot however, I did receive a letter notifying me that I was still bound by my ‘non-compete’ agreement.  Yep – I am not allowed to work for a competitor to a company that no longer exists…. I was not the only former employee of MTI to receive this letter.  Other PSA employees received the same letter.  So PSA is now looking to purchase the remaining MTI assets, so they can go after the company that really sent out the letters claiming THEY are in violation. (truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  And sometimes I am stranger than both!)

In November, Althea and Kevin were able to spend some time together on the East coast.  They spent Thanksgiving together in Orlando.  The story and photos can be reached via a link on  They hope to spend Christmas together in Phoenix (actually Gilbert, AZ).  At that time, they will be celebrating their 3d anniversary!  

Other Affiliates:

Montgomery, AL: 

Tami writes:

As of this Saturday Scott will be working full time at Publix in the Grocery/Stock Dept.  Almost what he is making at the factory with a raise every 6-12 months, plus stock, 5 paid holidays for not working, extra pay for those holidays we do work and every 3 months a retail bonus.  Health ins. is much better also. Travel time 3 minutes and I can go back and forth to work on one tank of gas for almost 3 weeks.

The part time job at the Shakespeare Theater will be ending at the end of this month..I worked 10-12 hours per week for little money but get 2 tickets per play for free and 4 at discounted prices. It will start again in March when the "busy" season begins. Some weekends there will be 3 plays at one time. During Jan, Feb and March they will only be doing one show "Pooh" and only for kids during the day. We saw Pete Pan the other night and it was great.  I have met most of the actors and really like them so it was great to see the show from start to finish w/o having to work the show. If any of you are headed this way let us know if you will be here so we can get tickets and time off.

I fell asleep with a pot of chicken on the stove and now the house smells to high heavens.  Thank goodness it is 75 out and sunny...we have all the windows open.

As for addresses this is the latest I have...please let me know any corrections that need to be made:

318 Buckingham Ave

Syracuse, NY 13210

12418 110th Lane NE


Kirkland, WA 98034

26258 Gamboa St.

Hayward, CA 94544

3617 S. Lakewood Dr.

Tallahassee, FL 32305

3134 S Market Street

Azul at Spectrum

Apartment 2022

Gilbert, AZ  85296 

 Tami appears to be on the fast-track into Management.  They rescued a dog name Willie.  Willie now spends his time barking at everyone who comes to visit and then gossiping with the neighbor dogs through the back fence.

Kirkland, WA:

Craig write -

On Sunday I ran my 9th half marathon of the year.  It was Seattle, and I paced my friend Andy to his best time ever.  This weekend I am running Vegas with my friends too.  My girlfriend is doing her first half marathon.  That will be it for me this year.  10-half's and 1-Full marathon.

I included pictures of us at the finish line as well as a picture of us at a formal event.  She continues to tell me how bad running is for me.  (She is an orthopedic surgeon)

The broken bone n my pelvic region healed pretty well, although I didn't take the "required" 6-week vacation from sporting events)

I am back to playing soccer and ice hockey.

Next year the goal is to run 12 half marathons in several different states.  The ultimate goal is 50 states.  (currently  Florida-New York – Washington - Canada (ok it isn't a state) – Ohio -Kentucky)

Still volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (although I would never live in a house I helped build), Volunteering at Christmas with Monica at a soup kitchen.  (do that almost every year)

Next year I would like to do more volunteer work.  A woman I dated for a bit did some work with special needs kids, and it is something I plan on looking into.  You basically mentor them and take them hiking, skiing, camping, etc.  It sounds right up my alley.

Aside from that, nothing really new is going on here.  It has been pretty quiet.

My hockey team has its own website.

Have a good one.

  In January, Craig will be flying to Phoenix to check Arizona off his list.  While there he will be staying with Kevin and Althea.

Hayward, CA: William is working in northern California area. 

Mary is on Line


Upstate NY: Becky, Chris and Ed now live in Syracuse NY. 

Becky writes:

Things are going well.

I did buy a house in the SU area. It's great. I'm in the process of settling in and unpacking. If you're ever in the Syracuse area, you're welcome to stay with me. The address is:

318 Buckingham Ave

Syracuse, NY 13210

The boys are doing well. Chris is a JR. at Hartwick, he's majoring in biochemistry. He will be off to Prague for January term and hopes to earn a scholarship back to Thailand for the summer to work on his Sr. paper. Ed is working at BOCES, in the print department. He's deciding what he would like to do next. At the moment he's making good money and working full time, so maybe next year he'll be ready to decide what he wants to do next.

North Carolina: The Marshalls of North Carolina (Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Dale to many of the readers…) are doing well.  They are settling into the role of doting grandparents well.  They also went on a cruise as a means of getting together with family members.

Internet and photos:

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The editor is also the Web Master for the West Point Society of Tallahassee.  For additional news and photos, go to

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