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Updated:March 2017

Woody has numerous interests. Actually he is quite the renaissance man. Woody (we are still talking about Kevin B. Wood here. If you are thinking about another Woody...say for instance Woody Allen, Woody Wood Pecker or Woody Boyd, you are in the wrong place.) has a number of other nicknames. The ones we can publicly mention here are:

Some of Woody's interests/outside activities include:


    There are a lot of people I should thank for the way I turned out. Others might not be so grateful, so if you ask, I will take you off the list:

  1. My Mom, Marilynn M. Wood - For obvious reasons
  2. Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School - I do not have time or room to mention all the wonderful teachers I had while a student at VVS. I received a great education while there.
  3. The Military - Why should I thank them??? I was able to attend West Point (1 and 3 above helped me get in.) I earned my graduate degree while in the Military. I was fortunate to have served with many very good officers. (America, you can sleep safely tonight knowing your defense rests in their hands.) I learned a lot about myself and how to lead. I learned many useful skills.